Parenting Resources


Grandma's Wisdom

Ann Benton,  a Christian ‘grandmother’, writes to a rising generation of parents,  trying to instil the value of creating a gospel culture at home so that children grow up experiencing the beauty of  learning to live, loving and honouring God.

Don't Miss It

While over a decade old, this book still has lots to say to us about busyness and parenting. Do you ever find yourself one the phone at bath time, or thinking just 10 more minutes at the desk? This book is a must read for you!

Parenting by Grace

Here's a book dedicated to getting us to think though how the gospel effects the principles by which we parent.

Why not read it together with your spouse?

Helping our Children in Church  

It may be a big culture shift to have children in our worship service for as much time as we do. We made this change some time ago, but these resources are still accessible here to help us and to help newcomers who may have had a different experience in a previous church. All the books are available from good online retailers (and may even be on the church book stall).

Parents - TTD Kids in Church - July 2020.pdf

God made me for Worship

A book to read with your children to help them understand what is going on as we gather at church.

Let the Children Worship

The best book Nick's read on why it is worth having children in the worship service.

Parenting in the Pew

Although a little smug sounding - this book is full of practical tips on how to engage children in the service

Family Worship

Family worship sounds like a grand title. In reality it's simply getting together as a family to listen to God speak to us from His Word and to respond to Him in prayer. Many of us don't know where to start or even if we should. Below are a few resources to help us think about the why, what and how of family worship, as well as a few bonus resources (like holiday tips) thrown in.

To catch the vision

Let Jason Helopoulos paint a picture of the benefits and brilliance of family worship in this little book. Not smug but clearly convinced of the great worth of family worship.

I've got three four letter words for you!

A podcast from Faith in Kids explaining how these three simple words is all it takes: Read, Pray, Sing.

For Beginners

That'll be all of us then!

In this little book we see a glimps into 15 very different families and what they do for thier family worship. Why not just ask the question, "which of these would work for us for now?"


Here's a link to Care for the Family's top tips resource page. It's far more than top tips really, it gives little guides and resources relating to everything from early years to special needs, bereavement and marriage.


Faith in Kids

This is the best podcast around on Christian parenting. Listen to it.

Highlights are episodes on Adoption, Talking About the Tough Stuff, Talking Through the Tears, Graham Daniels pt 1 and pt 2, The Gospel Centred Family by Tim Chester, and Love Wise pt1 and pt2.

Get listening!

Every Day Dadding

This podcast encourages us to get on with being Christian Dads. Knowing what to do is not the tough bit, sticking to it is.  While these guys don't claim to have all the answers, there's plenty of wisdom to help us along the way.

Risen Motherhood

From the USA this has a very different tone to the other podcasts suggested but time and again they point mums to Jesus as the only way to keep going in what God has called them to do.